A Quick Q&A With Model Iman Mariah

Makeup Artist: Sacha Harford
Wardrobe Stylist: Liudmila Khinskaia
Photographer: Stone Zhu
showroom: JUJÚ The PR
Videographer: Henry Lu
Retoucher: Stone Zhu
Model: Iman Mariah

We had the pleasure of interviewing Iman Mariah who is an extraordinary model who is featured in our print Pre Fall issue 45. Take a read as she shares her passion for the art of modeling and collaborating with many creatives and meeting new people who she now calls her close friends.


Q: Hi, thank you for interviewing with us, for our readers online tell us about yourself.

A: Hi Promo Mag, thank you for having me. Ummmm lets see. Well, My name is Iman Mariah and I'm from The Boogie Down Bronx. That's The Bronx, New York for those of you who didn't know what I meant hahah I have a college degree in writing, I'm into astrology and esoteric theology, and I have reflexes like a cat. Meow


Q: What is the best part of the job as a model? Have you met creatives who are now called your best friends?

A: The best parts of my job as a model are meeting extraordinary creatives and shooting editorials. I love getting into character and challenging myself. Which pose can I try this time? Which pose can I break the rules with? How abstract can my body look? When should I be simple yet powerful? All the while, I'm coming into contact with very talented people. Of course there are creatives that I've bonded with. One in particular is Demanti O'Bryant, a mother agent now based in Atlanta, GA. Our understanding and resonance of one another every time we come together to chat about scouting or developing one of his models is uncanny. 


Q: Did you play any sports? If so did sports helped to prepare you for the rigors of modeling?

A: hahaha No I do not play any sports. All my life people would ask if I was a basketball player because of my height. I attempted it as well as track-and-field but I don't have the best knees and therefore turned towards Theatre. Sports did not prepare me for the rigors of modeling but Theater sure did. I understood what it meant to be apart of an ensemble, essentially a team player who communicated with each member and worked as a unit to achieve a overall goal. 


Q: Did you ever realize how successful you could be as a model before you started?

A: Growing up I didn't have the best confidence. I was that girl who was shy, hanged out in the library, and had an extremely small group of friends. I didn't realize my beauty and honestly I had a lot to live up to considering I was named after the first African supermodel of the world, IMAN. If it weren't for my mother who constantly told me that I'm a beautiful girl, I would've never summed up the courage to pursue modeling.      


Q: How did you get your start?

A: I started modeling upon graduating college. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to model but I also knew how important it was for my parents, especially my mom that I went and graduated college. I was always an easy and responsible child so ended up putting my dreams on pause for their satisfaction. I actually was extremely close to dropping out my last semester of  my last year in college because my soul was literally begging me to begin modeling. However, I completed my education and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Writing and English. But as soon as I received my diploma, I headed back to NYC with ferocious determination.


Q: When the shoot is done, do you look at the images and find hard to recognize yourself in all

those glamorous photos.

A: Actually, when I shoot I do not like looking at the images. Yeah, maybe one or two glances is okay so that I know that I'm on the right track with achieving the creative vision. However, I feel like if I'm constantly looking at the images as I'm shooting, then I would either get content with what I'm producing or over think my every move. Now if you mean post production once I receive the final images, then absolutely! I predominately shoot natural looking shoots and still I stare in amaze....thinking, wow... I seriously do not give myself enough credit. I need to show myself some more love, yah know? 


Q: What do you do to calm your nerves beforehand? Before the shoot starts.

A: Before the shoot starts, I like to take deep breaths to calm myself. I physically gather the energies around me, swirl it into a ball, and push it towards the world. Nice long deep breaths in from my nostrils and out through my mouth can make all the difference.


Q: Many beginner models always want to know how do you continuously stay in character during a whole day shoot?

A: To continuously stay in character during a whole day shoot is by being yourself. Crack jokes in between shots or breaks, talk to the Makeup Artist or Stylist and get to know them. Find out how long they been pursuing their crafts and where they're originally from. Take selfies and post on Instagram story or Snapchat. Eat! take advantage of any free snacks, fruits and water. Dance and bop your head to the music that's playing. When you're completely stress free and yourself, you're able to stay in character more because you're not constantly "trying" to stay in character. Get it?   


Q: If you are a foodie and if not thats cool, what is favorite meal to have?

A: Yes, I'm very much of a foodie though I am a Pescatarian so I'm not too sure if I qualify as one because my choices are a bit limited. hahaha but my favorite meal to date would have to be a lightly toasted bagel with a grilled crispy Salmon lox on a bed of avocados, sauteed veggies, and tomato topped with capers. #nomnomnom


Q: Do you have a favorite designer & photographer who inspires you? Why is that?

A: Wow, of course that is hard to answer because of course i'm gonna think about the now. Right now, I'm very much inspired by BALMAIN. The brand breathes women empowerment, sex appeal, and royalty. Everything I see my greatest self being. As per my favorite photographer... that's still in the works ^__^ 


Q: If you could vacation anywhere in the world with a friend or a relative, where would you go and what would you do there?

A: If I could vacation anywhere in the world with a friend or relative, I would visit the Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland with my dad. He is the most hardest working person I know. He deserves the world <3


Q: Who is your most favorite musical idol? Someone you can listen to on a road trip for hour on


A: Digging deep I see. haha Hands down, it would be Willow Smith. There's something about her "wise beyond her years" lyrics and voice that resonant with me so much. Female Energy, is pure genius. 


Q: What has been the most encouraging thing you’ve heard about your personality?

A: Honestly, I don't really pay attention to what the celebrities of today are up to. Though, I do admire Model, Activist and Founder of Gurls Talk, Adwoa Aboah. If you follow her on Instagram, its self explanatory.


Q: Who excites you the most (Celebrity) & why?

A: Honestly, I don't really pay attention to what the celebrities of today are up to. Through, Cardi B has thoroughly impressed me with the successes of her song, "Bodak Yellow".


Q: Everyone has a favorite emoji that they use, what do you use the most?

A: Definitely the caramel skin toned "I'm grateful" hand position and the pink rose.


Q: What are your world-dominating goals as a model?

A: Becoming a household name.