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Matteo Malavasi

I've been spending my life with art from a very young age. I've always been enthusiast for contemporary art, twentieth century modern aesthetics have always fascinated me.

I spent years working internationally in the environment of contemporary, classical and electronic music, mainly as, a composer. Over time, the necessity of expressing my artistic idea without any restriction pushed me into the exploration of different areas, using different kind of media. I moved into the fascinating world of images, creating multi-projection video installations, and recently, I have written, directed and independently produced my first feature film.

Fascinated by the meaning and the deepness that a single frame can reach, I decided to change my life and start a new career focusing on still images.

Photography represents the union of the wonderful life of light with a subject, a world in a still image. Exploration of emotion in a shadow and exploration of reality in a shape. The union of beauty and perfection.

An image is life, emotion, style.

Interior Desire

Stillness, silence, the scent of elegance fills the entire space, a dance suspended into a dreamlike imagination. Whispered words, thoughts not revealed yet. It might be an intimate revelation or maybe a misunderstanding which has never been explained. Looking each other discretely through a fleeting glance, the feeling that something has to be hidden comes to light. A refined dance made of connections and desire, a gamble which could be compromising, a game which will never have a end.

Something whispers from all over the room. A frame, a dish, a little box or a single petal in a painting – everything turns on the desire. An aestheticism feeling captures senses, a D’Annunzio’s stylish look enchants the sight. Every day is made of intriguing stories, they are the frame of an interior game – everything is full of desire!


Art Director: Matteo Malavasi, Eleonora Scaramucci

Stylist: Tiziana Inzoli Bellotti

Fashion Designer: Eleonora Scaramucci

MUA - Hairstyling: Gaia Donata Giliberto

Models: Nina, Natalia

Agency: Nologo Management Milan

Man: Matteo

Photography: Matteo Malavasi

Location: Private location, Milano



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