Brad Cowlbeck | Featured Editorial

D&G go to ‘Glastonbury’

Summer is nearly here and festival season has begun, this season ‘Festival Fashion’ is everywhere, Dolce & Gabbana were my main influence in styling this shoot, inspired by their beautiful models who adorned their runway with fresh faced makeup, and beautiful styled headscarves and tussles of hair, some looks headscarves were worn as turbans and accessories were statement pieces.

Festival fashion is always quirky and there really are no rules when dressing for festivals, one of the key trends for this year is Mix and Match, where items of clothing that wouldn’t normally be styled together are thrown together in a couldn’t care less manner…it shouldn’t work but it does !! Tiaras were styled with jeans and slogan T.shirts with pretty skirts.

Eclectic fashion has become a high street staple we want to assert our differences yet still follow fashion. This Spring/Summer we saw head to toe florals, eclectic mixes of prints and patterns, bold colours yet in contrast pastels, fabrics and layering, frills and sporty fashion.

Accessories are key to making any outfit complete and this season Bejewelled bags, shoes decorated with sequins, pom poms, tassles, flowers and bugs can be bought everywhere, customised sunglasses, statement earrings and headscarves just add the finishing touches to an outfit.

Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana ‘Mamba’ collection S/S 17, turbans decorated with fruit and flowers, think ‘Carmen Miranda’ hit the runway, scarves styled as hairbands, gave an element of gypsy boho to the looks, very summery and fresh, and very international.

Festival fever is a hot trend this summer, mules, baskets, beach bags, gladiator sandals and boots, gypsy boho style embroidery and Aztec print clothing and accessories are taking over the high street shops, floral, ruffles, graphic stripes, clashing colours, fruit, birds, butterfly prints, the rule is throw out the rulebook anything goes!! You can be as tame or as eccentric as you like it all fits the trend.

This photoshoot incorporates these key trends:

Quirky customised sunglasses with varying lens colours, Turbans & headscarves worn as hairbands, Statement accessories, Mix and Match Fashion, Florals, Bright colours, Graphic stripes, Frills, Clashing prints, and Festival style fashion….


Written by Lisa Jayne Styles