My Body My Nudity

Photographer: Witalis Szołtys
Wardrobe Stylist: Sabrina Lounis
Makeup Artist: Katarzyna Bogacz
Model: Magdalena Cibis

The collection was made 100% of recycled white, second hand man shirts. The aim was to deconstruct the original shapes in order to show the female body; its shapes and curves. The pure white color served as canvas to the female nudity which is being shown as the right to express oneself.
The main theme "my body, my nudity" is a brief describtion of the main idea of ones ownership of its body and the right to show and translate a true feminist idea of the freedom of choice, speech and expression.

The contract between the pink, agressive make up and the delicate, purely white shirts is the contradiction that lies in every women - the vulnerability and the sexual power.