A Quick Q&A With Ali Levine-Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

-    What can you tell us about yourself as a stylist and in a brief statement?

1) I am a celebrity wardrobe stylist who loves to empower others through clothing, and I feel that I transform my clients souls from the inside out. I always say, "confidence is your best accessory. 


-    What is your typical day when running and creating a new set of designs with the clothing you are provided?

2) My typical day as a stylist is emails, sourcing, calls, and running around everywhere in LA ! 

This adds up to quite a bit of craziness. Everyday is different at Ali Levine Design, there isn't a typical day in the life of Ali Levine. haha! Either I'm answering emails, sourcing for brands, jumping on a conference call, going to meeting, having fittings, being on set, on a tv segment, its never ending and I love it.. It is a true grind!


-    In a brief description, how do you approach the business side of fashion when you first started?

3) I wanted to learn about every designer, every fabric, and everyones stories in order to be at the top of my game.


-    Were there any setbacks to getting started and trying to find the perfect style? How did you overcome that?


4) Yes there are always set backs and hurdles when it comes to finding the perfect style, however, as a developing stylist, you learn to work with those hiccups and bumps in the road, as they constantly happen, and you just make it work! As a stylist, you must learn to work with all different types of personalities, body types and situations in order to be successful at your job. 


-    What made you so interested in becoming a stylist?

5) What made me so interested in becoming a stylist, was the fact that I got to take a blank canvas and make it my own. In doing so, giving my clients the confidence that they lack, and empowering them through their outfit choices. I make them feel fabulous and beautiful! The way they should be.


-    Do you have a favorite designer who inspires you? Why is that?

6) I have many designers I absolutely love and am inspired by. I absolutely love to live in heels, so I would have to say Christian Louboutin- He is a very innovative and creative man in the sense he took something as simple as red fingernail polish when he had nothing else and painted the bottom of his first heel. Genius!


-    What story are you trying to covey through your designs?

7) Every story is different when it comes to the client or what event/ look I am feeling that day or night or the client is specifically looking for! I want to create the confidence level and the beautiful attributes within each one of my clients. One client may like a more feminine light weight blouse while another may like a fitted dress for most look. One client may want to be edgy and the other glam. Everyones style and personalities are different!

Its my job to make sure I nail that and dial up their look and then some!


-    Tell me about your first styling job. What kind of thoughts as you started to put together designs?

8) My first styling job was a crazy, overwhelming, roller coster of a job, but what an amazing experience. 

What were my thoughts? Oh the list goes on and on. haha! From what size, to what color would look best, to what styles my brain never stopped but the job kept me on my toes and prepared me for all the craziness today in my business! 


-    If you had the opportunity to style anyone, who would you style and why?

9) I would love to style Zendaya! She is never afraid to push the envelope and that is how I like to style. I think she could push her fashion even further and I would love to be apart of that creation. 


-    Who excites you the most (Celebrity) & why?

10) I would have to say Joan Rivers. I know she has passed, but I absolutely love her to this day and she will always be someone who inspires me in the fashion and entertainment industry because she was always true to herself. 


-    When you are in your creative state of mind, what is your process when putting together the perfect outfit?

11) When I am in my creative state of mind, I start to look at magazines, blogs, social media (Instagram), and I look at all the different aesthetics that are out there and make them my own and add an Ali style twist to the look. I find my inspiration everywhere, from people on the street to something that might be in my own wardrobe closet. I think about what I am trying to push as my vision and who I am styling and what does that outfit say for that person. 


-    Have you established a brand name yet? If so, we would like to know about it.

12) My brand name has been Ali Levine Design for about 5 or so years now. Ali Levine Design is my styling service business, and myself, Ali Levine as not just a celebrity wardrobe stylist and fashion expert, but transforming into a Tv personality and lifestyle expert where I give fashion expertise for Tv segments, print and online media, and many exciting upcoming projects to look out for, stay tuned:) 


-   What are your world-dominating goals as a stylist?

13) My world-dominating goals as a stylist is being able to take my styling to the next level. By making over and empowering others by using my fashion expertise and becoming a public figure in the fashion industry, being able to work with everyday people, not just celebrities, and make a positive impact one style at a time.