Concave | Cover Story


" I'm an Filipino-Australian photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I gained experience in glamour and fashion photography between Australia and Asia for the past 8 years. I've worked with a different models and creatives coming from all around the world.

I want to capture and create images that make people free and limitless.  I want to make people lose themselves (even for a second) and think about where they are now and all the places they could be."   -  Mel Lontoc Photography


The Inspiration behind the shoot:

"Concave" For this project, we were inspired by the perception of beauty in today's world. We titled this project "Concave" to describe a distorted view of what's considered normal. Our goal was to create images that capture strength, beauty and elegance in an unusual place as Jean Paul Gaultier said "I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don't expect it" Inspired by the talents of the local creatives, we wanted to add to the community by offering something fresh and unique. Couture shots have been done at the beach and sand Dunes where the wind and breathtaking view facilitated the creation of magical editorial images. 

Model:  Lauren Garnett

HMUA:  Valentina Chang

Stylist / Creative Director:  Jane Frances

Wardrobe & Accessories:  Private Vintage Collector

Photographer:  Mel Lontoc Photography

Aspired to do something that has not been done, we started talking about the concept "urban couture" - What if we shoot a "couture" editorial in a typical urban" setting?  The next step was to decide a location and what could be more representative of our concept of "Concave" then a skater park with its curvaceous slopes. We imagined an heiress, socialite, and fashionista who skate right after going to a couture ball. She is beautiful and strong as she didn't care about what people think. Taking it one step further, we asked, "Is it possible to take "Belle" (seem appropriate for our concept) from Beauty and the Beast to the skate park and give her a little "edge"? Special thank you to Promo Magazine for accepting our submission and without further ado, we are excited to present "Concave" - may this project be an inspiration for the viewers to find and appreciate beauty in unexpected places.