Press Release | Promo Magazine merges in partnership with Couture Modeling Agency

Promo Magazine & Couture Modeling Agency

Press Release

Promo Magazine NYC

Couture Modeling Agency NYC

Date: August 14th, 2017


Promo Magazine merges in partnership with Couture Modeling Agency




New York- August 14, 2017- Promo Magazine is announcing a business merging partnership with Couture Modeling Agency NYC!

Promo Magazine is a magazine of fashion, trends, beauty, people and lifestyle. Promo Magazine USA is an American edition of popular Promo United States of America.

Couture Modeling Agency is an agency that represents males, females, plus sizes, and children models, “where beauty is the individual”.

Promo Magazine has merged in partnership with Couture Modeling Agency on August 11th, 2017 to dominate the fashion industry as a promotional agency giving models and professionals the platform needed for ultimate success. Promo Magazine and Couture Modeling will be able to connect everyone in the fashion industry to explore new possibilities and to push them on to the next step to building a successful brand. Other events such as VOICES and PROMO 500 will result in the merging of said companies.

Promo Magazine is offering our readers the opportunity to stay on top of everything and to connect with industry leaders who are shaping this fast-paced global fashion industry.



Press Contact

Name: Waverly Gunter


Press Kit is on Promo Magazine Website under the Advertise Tab “Download Press Kit” Company Website: