Brand Discovery | Investing in your personal brand

Photo By: Eva Liz of Michael Suber | Founder and CEO of Promo Magazine NYC

Photo By: Eva Liz of Michael Suber | Founder and CEO of Promo Magazine NYC

Promo Magazine founder and ceo Michael Suber explains personal branding by stating, "In the time that we are living in, everyone has their own personal brand. Their brand can be as much as their personal beliefs or their habits that they have. A brand is more or less your characteristics put to use so that other people know it's you when they see you. Discovering your personal brand is not always easy and to some people it comes very easy because of their self awareness to accept who they are."

Do you want to be known as a key influencer in a field,? Point out the topics that interest you and can grow into passions. Once you realize the field in which you can be an expert, you will find yourself paying more attention to it.

Pro tip - do not try to become someone you are not. Be true to yourself. Only then, can you grow and develop a strategy to reach out and help people with your knowledge.

Speak to people

If you wish to build your brand, seek opportunities to speak at places where you can offer your expertise. You can record your own webinars as well. You should be speaking on a regular basis. It will develop your communication skills, teach you how to interact with an audience and make you more confident about what you aspire to do. Getting tips from influential speakers is good, but don’t imitate anyone.

Write about your expertise

Write about your experiences on your website. It can be a diary version, or a professional expertise column. When you write leadership articles, it projects your image as a credible person. When you write thoughtful stuff, it can also get you media attention and people start taking you seriously. At this point, you can either hire professional services to do a bit of visual content for your site, or you can learn to do some photo editing so that the site doesn’t look boring and uninteresting.

Your website is your place, so try not to upload stock photos too often. Stock photos don’t always give a good impression. If you can, take your own photos and customize them for your website. Upload a professional-looking photo of yourself on the site, since the absence of your own photo can also make your site look unoccupied.

Build an online presence

You have to be on social media and contribute to online discussions. It is not an option anymore.

  • Blog: It is optional to make a blog, if you already have a running site. But, if the website is your professional portfolio, then make a personal blog and post personal experiences over there to make your readers a part of your journey. When you keep posting, your blog will jump naturally get higher rankings too.
  • Facebook: Create a Facebook profile. It should have a photo, preferably the one you use on your Twitter. Update your work history and projects. Facebook is a great place to engage with like-minded people and promote yourself. Invite your friends and family to your profile and engage with them. If you want your Facebook profile to be private, then make a Facebook page.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a tool every business-oriented person should use. It is a network of professionals. LinkedIn acts as a digital version of your resume and work history. Don’t be without a LinkedIn profile. You can join groups that have the same interests and can find new job opportunity by meeting new professionals.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a platform to share photos, but you can personalize your profile according to your interests and attract new people. You can upload your logo or your photo on the profile and post photos that can be illustrations, product images or inspirational stuff.

Keep learning about your niche

Always be a student of your industry. Things are changing faster than ever, and to keep up, you have to constantly be aware. It will take you time and consistency to build a personal brand. What’s the use if you don’t stay relevant to the trends and then defend yourself by blaming changing times?

If you are sensible, you already know the importance of staying updated, but a reminder never hurts anyone.

Create value and stand out of the crowd

Nobody wants to know what you ate for breakfast, unless you are an A-list celeb. However, people notice when you post things of value. A photo with your dog, a reminder of the blessings in life or a how-to post on your niche grabs the attention of readers. When you create value, you get noticed. People can differentiate you from others in the field, and if you are unique, media brings you into the spotlight.