A Quick Q&A With DevanOnDeck | Style Guru and Art Director

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Q. How would you describe yourself as a person & artist?

A. The person is an anime geek, gadget head, and lover of Mexican food. I’m a huge luxury streetwear enthusiast; as long as the fit is on point and the materials are premium, I’m well-dressed.

 DevanOnDeck, the artist, is a futurist. I do my best to create imagery that is surreal but is still very much rooted in reality. As an Art Director in fashion, I’m also an expert storyteller; as I’m often at the center of marketing campaigns.

Q. What story are you trying to convey through your work?

A. My personal work, showcasing my personal style in the most imaginative ways possible, is expressed mostly via social media. In the digital space, it’s the best way for me to connect and bring value to others at scale. I grew up as a creative that didn’t have a place until I discovered fashion design & art direction as a viable career path. What I aim to do is to continue the cycle and encourage others by putting out quality work and documenting my process as I go.

Q. What made you so interested in fashion?

A. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with personalizing everything I own; especially my outfits. I’ve always had a knack for trend forecasting & used fashion as a way to strengthen my self-confidence and take risks.


Q. In a brief description, how do you approach the business side of fashion when you first started?

A. When I first began studying menswear in University, I had none of the tools or foundation on how any of this worked in the real world. I was being exposed to and immersed into a culture that I was previously completely foreign to. All the great designers that I was familiar with came from privileged backgrounds and countries I thought I’d ever step foot in. Thankfully, I had a great mentor to help me put the pieces together practically; Design Director Corwin Stone — he showed me that there were more definitions of success than what I was sold in high school.

Q. Do you have a favorite designer who inspires you? Why is that?

A. One of my top designers is Philippe Starck. He’s a modern design legend that’s been killin’ the game since the 80’s. Everything from lux tech, furniture, architecture, automotive, the list goes on and on. He’s the master of rethinking objects that we use day to day.