831MINHLE Spring | Summer 2018 Womenswear

Born in Vietnam, Minh Le aspired to be a designer at a young age.  

Minh transformed random scraps of fabric into fantastic creations for her dolls. 

Minh's grandmother recognized her innate talent, then quickly supported Minh'sburgeoning skills by purchasing her first sewing machine. 

She spent her teenage years refining her skills at a local tailoring store.  Fascinated by the art of design, she channeled all of her energies and talent to designing for women who demand high quality, stylish and functional clothing.  

For her brand, her goal is to provide clothing that women can enjoy, enabling them to be happy and confident.  To understand the vision behind Minh's work, her clothing must be seen and touched.  In wearing her designs, it is her mission to instill a sense of timelessness in her enduring classic lines and strength in her modern take on those classic silhouettes.