AMCONYC Beauty Preview

First and foremost we would like to thank AMCONYC for inviting us to their shows. What really did it for us was the amazing breakfast prepared by Chef Jon Harris who prepared a beautiful spread. On top of that, I was surrounded by beautiful creative people from artists, to brand owners.

We often think about texture when it comes to clothing and textiles but for makeup, it can be just as important as color.

Designer Nicole Bell’s designs evoke a feeling of empowerment that transforms a woman into being bold and powerful. Her Sept 2017 runway collection is inspired by her recent trip to Japan.  So the makeup was designed with this in mind with strong bold reds and Tokyo influenced design.  The key cosmetics to achieve this look from Sacha Cosmetics are:

Black Liquid liner, Blush in Amber Glow, Matte Primer & Life of the Party Matte Lip Velvet. The hair created by the Aveda team is a combo double braided& bun updo. Sutra Beauty’s ionic hair straightener the perfect tool to help construct this look and get the braids into place. Nails were painted white and then black striped nail art inDeco Miami’s polish in Coco, Black like my Soul.

The creator of sexy line, Bradelis was always fascinated by the happiness lingerie brought to women. But, also wanted to combine fine elegance with support.  And nothing is sexier than a woman who exudes confidence. So the makeup had to reflect this feeling. Using metallic shimmers to create a sultry glow the key cosmetics from Sacha cosmetics to achieve this look are pure jewels eyeshadow pigments in flame & copper and their face bronzer. For the hair, the Aveda team create the ultimate bed head waves using the Sutra Beauty 4 piece curling iron set. Nails were painted by Deco Miami in Nip Slip, Kittens Paw & Rose All Day.

Kate Atelier’s name of her Sept 2017 show is Effene meaning unleashed in French.Inspired by bondage and gothic cultures the makeup needed to reflect this raw dark side. A perfectly undone glowing temptress was the inspiration behind the look using various black, brown and plum tones from Sacha cosmetics lip palette for most of the entire look, Also Sachas black pencil eyeliner and fix it spray are must-haves to achieve the look.  Aveda creates a mohawk style reverse chubby braid and adds texture using the Sutra Beauty’s ionic infrared hair dryer. Nails designed by Deco Miami in a dark vamp tone in Tied Down.

All photos provided by Shayna Andrus