I'm Coming Out of My Shell | Web Editorial

Photographer: Brenda Nasr (@brendanasr)
Model/Wardrobe Stylist: Milica Manojlović @Itopmodels
Makeup Artist: Aleksandar Perić

A Letter From The Photographer

"This editorial is an ode to those breaking out of their comfort zones, whether they are transitioning into new phases, are growing both physically and in other ways, or have accepted that it's their time to "shine" and are embracing themselves in every way.

Milica Manojlović in particular is just now embracing her talents and gifts (she is a remarkable singer), as well as putting herself out there to model, so I was really inspired by her as an individual and many I've met in this business who seem to come alive when the camera is on, and the benefits last even after the camera has
been turned off. I've been told by so many that my shoots have given them confidence and it was a life-changing experience for them."

-Brenda Nasr