Meet the Leading Player in Filipino Couture

Featured in issue 56


His rise to becoming one of Manila’s sought-after haute couture designers is a beautiful story of pursuing happiness, hard-work, dedication, and humility. The story continues with Michael Leyva’s official presence in the United States, bringing his ornate gowns to the Los Angeles fashion district.

After graduating from Santo Tomas with a degree in Tourism, Michael joined Philippine Airlines to become a flight attendant. With a stable career in the hospitality industry and the opportunity to see the world, he still felt there was something in the horizon that he needed to pursue, and a new story that he needed to write.

Coming from the reign of his brother who was a renowned designer, he picked up his legacy and continued the LEYVA brand. An unfortunate event in their lives turned out to be his defining moment to become a designer and begin his journey in the world of fashion.

After his training under filipino fashion stalwart, Mr. Jojie Lloren, Michael spent a few rapidly evolving years designing for the inner circles of celebrity clientele and created an ever growing buzz within the fashion industry. In 2016 Michael decided to refine his skills through his studies at the world renowned Central Saint Martins school in London.

Having established himself as on of the top couture designers throughout the Philippines and Asia, Michael has set himself up to continue his immense and rapid growth by branching into and throughout the United States. After just one week with his arrival his gowns were seen and applauded on the Daytime Emmys red carpet and stage between 3 presenters, winners, nominees, and producers. A warm welcome to his newly arrived yet already notable and brilliant work. 

Michael never ceases to surprise both the local and global audiences with his design and craftsmanship. The Michael Leyva story is still being written and the world is eagerly awaits for its new chapter which is only now just beginning.

To view the collections online visit his social media pages at and on instagram @michaelleyva_. To preview in person at his Los Angeles showroom contact