Eman Alajlan is shaping fashion retail

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Exotic romance emanates from the palatial gowns and gently tiered dresses that make their debut appearances from the atelier of Madame Eman Alajlan. Developed under the core structures of quality, precision, finest detail and finishings; each piece, nearly led by the breeze, seem to brush the cheeks of its adorners.

Eman Alajlan heads her eponymously named brand, established in 2007, which functions under her own direction and creativity. Madame Eman began fashion design in 2005, naturally developing and building her craft while moving her work into a number of boutiques within the Saudi Arabian Gulf and into more global reaches. The brand has seen attention in several international publications including Collezioni, Hai, Layalina, Sayidaty, adorned royalty and highly accredited celebrity entertainers, and has firmly established its prominence and integrity throughout the Middle East and Europe.

Specializing in Haute Couture, Bridal & Pret-a-Porter dresses, Eman Alajlan provides the latest in designer dresses for women. Their vision is to promote the latest fashion trends in women’s wear while simultaneously educating their clientele about the importance of high quality materials and attention to minute detail.

“Anyone can have a talent but the real success is when you develop it. Eventually, I succeeded to prove myself in this position” - Eman Alajlan

In the end, what we receive from Madame Eman is a culmination of a culturally rich history, devout intention within her craftsmanship, expansion of personal vision, and guidance within her values. The physical creations that are the regal gowns and dress, are simply a product of these unseen forces backing her work.