SARAH KOZLOWSKI | Takes On The Most Impactful Role In The New Hit TV Series THE AGENT


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In the new age of digital film and explorations to tell a compelling story in the media industry, we were able to interview one the actresses from THE AGENT, a very well done hit TV series. We chat with Sarah Kozlowski about her role on set. We not only want to know what happens on set but what inspired her and fueled her to become such a fantastic actress. Keep reading, because female roles in the television industry are becoming more dominate.

Sarah is featured as our 64th issue cover model, pretty exciting news because she is the mark for a new beginning for us as we tackle women empowerment and how women are now taking up leading roles in every industry. Let’s be clear here, women have always been strong, beautiful and brilliant at everything that they do. In the television series THE AGENT, she does just that, she shows us everything a woman should and inspire to be.



Character: Zoe Zante

  • You play the hard-nosed business woman in the series AGENT, tell us a bit about your character? Zoe is a true Alpha female. She asserts her authority to all regardless of sex or age. It’s a wonderful trait! She is Greek and true to Greek woman she is outspoken and family reputation is important hence her dedication to continuing her father’s legacy and taking her team to the top. Men either love her or hate her but the ones that do find her irresistible due to her radiant confidence. Confidence is always in and always sexy!!

  • Do you relate to Zoe in anyway, and if so in which way? She has a hard exterior that seems impenetrable to the outside world but inside she is very vulnerable and to those she cares about she would fight the battle of TROY. I also absolutely love her power dressing style and try to power dress myself. I prefer an outfit that says listen to me as opposed to look at me.

  • How did you prepare for the role and how did you bring about her Greek inflections? I had the most incredible time preparing for this role!! Firstly I went from red hair to blonde to better fit the character as Greek woman are generally very dark or blonde depending on their heritage but you rarely find a red headed Greek woman. I took Greek accent and mannerisms lessons to give her the slightest Greek inflections here and there as she actually plays a Greek, South African woman. I listened to some wonderful Greek music that appears in some of the episodes and that really helped me switch into the character.

  • What is it about the character that attracted you to her when you read it for the first time? When I started reading the scripts for the audition process I absolutely loved how powerful and assertive she was without necessarily trying to be. She was classy and smart and also relentless. Probably not the easiest woman to date but certainly the girl you won’t in your corner if you are planning on world domination. 

  • Tell us a bit about Sarah, what do you do in your downtime, what are your hobbies? I’m a workaholic because I love what I do. I travel a tremendous amount and even enjoy that part as I know how to pack clothes in a suitcase on the hanger perfectly so I just need to hang them straight from the bag. Years of practice! I am based in LA but am a die-hard South African patriot! I speak 3 of South Africa’s 11 official languages, English, Afrikaans and Zulu. When I do get downtime I just wanna binge on great TV shows!

  • The show was shot entirely on location on the tropical island of Mauritius. Were there any challenges with having to relocate to Mauritius for two months? There is absolutely no challenge with moving to a tropical paradise for two months what so ever!! Seeing as my character is Greek the one challenge was getting a tan without going into the sun as I am so fair skinned naturally so I invested in an incredible spray tan machine that I imported from Vegas that I have brought with me to Mauritius. It looks very natural and I am thrilled I can still look all bronzed in my bikini and on set for my character without worrying about sun damage! Us ‘white chicks’, we will be covered in wrinkles if we go into the sun!! 

  • Please tell us about your love for fashion, what or who inspires your look? I wanted to be a fashion designer growing up! True Story! I love old school glamour, and classic Hollywood styles. I love vintage collections more for inspiration but I don’t necessarily wear a lot of vintage myself. 

  • What are some of your beauty secrets? I have always believed that you can try a million lotions and potions but you have to look after your skin form the inside so I drink one green, fresh vegetable juice every day to ensure I get antioxidants and also try and drink loads of water. You will never catch me in the sun either. 

  • What do you have to have in your dressing room when you are on set? I am always grateful if they give me a soft place to curl up and just take a power nap on the long calls that can be up to 15 hrs and can shoot through the night. I am the queen of power naps. 20 – 40 mins and I look like I have had 8 hours and am a brand new person. I also will never say no to some good quality chocolate. 

  • Final question, who is your acting idol and why? Benicio del Torro consistently blows my mind and Kate Blanchett is such a performer and has a very unique way about her. As for the powerful, dashing leading man, the award goes to Tom Hardy.

  • When and where can we catch the show? It airs in June in Europe and we are waiting hear the details regarding US distribution. Catch it if you can as it’s an incredibly well written show, has a very unique story and has a killer original 70’s sound track!