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Stephanie Ruiz | Fashion Designer

Born and raised in the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca, Ruiz established her creative inclinations for striking contrasts in patterns and asymmetries at an early age. It wasn’t until she participated in several beauty pageant shows for Miss Peru and Miss Ecuador, that she decided to embark on an entirely new venture: one that she could call her own. Soon after, Ruiz made the journey to China and acquired a comprehensive education in dressmaking. 

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A quick Q&A with Lulu Figueroa

Lulu Figueroa is a doe-eyed Spanish beauty who is the daughter of Álvaro Figueroa Griffith and Lucila Domecq Williams and a descendant of the Counts of Romanones. But more importantly she is an up and coming artist whose colorful and whimsical pantings have already been shown in a number of exhibitions, most notably one sponsored by the Marlborough Gallery. 

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Quick Q&A with Jessica Markowski

Jessica Markowski is part of the hyphenated generation whose creativity isn’t limited to just one area. Model, actress and content creator is how she describes herself. You could add to that hard working and determined. Markowski, who lives in New York City, comes from a family of immigrants who instilled in her a strong work ethnic and a drive to succeed.

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