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Q&A with photographer Rachel Canale

I’m always trying to reinvent existing ideas, whether it be working with emerging models, trying different styling or composition and sourcing new locations. Being different is what gets you noticed. Innovation keeps your creativity alive. If you keep shooting the same thing, you will never improve your style and will begin to get stale.

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Q&A With Photographer | Founder & Director of Devojka Models Tina Nikolovski

In the broad prospect of fashion and lifestyle, Promo Magazine had the opportunity to interview Tina Nikolovsk, who is a photographer and also the founder & director of Devojka Models in Australia. In this particular interview, we asked a series of questions in about her creative process and how she got her booming business off the ground. We are very happy to have met with the amazing Tina Nikolovsk. You can also find her latest editorial in our latest issue with her image on the front cover, be sure to purchase your copy and see what beautiful work Tina has produced. Take care everyone, and enjoy the read!

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