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Is the Fashion Industry on its Way to a Sustainable Future?

Behind the glamorous and attractive image of fashion lies a dirty number: the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions to produce and sell our beloved clothes, making it one of the most polluting industries in the world. It’s time to seriously consider how to make the industry more sustainable and eco-friendly, and the good news is that many brands have already understood that.

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Marketing Strategies for Fashion e-Commerce: Measuring Success

As more and more fashion e-commerce players are entering the market with aggressive expansion strategies – Farfetch has been continuously challenging e-commerce businesses with more traditional distribution models, while new players like LVMH’s 24 Sevres and the Modist are now also claiming a stake in the market – companies are going bolder and bigger when it comes to their marketing strategies, in order to stand out in the increasingly competitive online market.

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Lacoste: A Winning Brand Strategy

The label is refreshing its image with a series of collaborations communicated via digital content.

Today, heritage can be considered as a form of currency for brands, yet brands cannot solely rely on it to sustain their customer’s interest. In the case of Lacoste, its long history and associations with lifestyle and sport – the label was founded in 1933 by the French tennis player René Lacoste – was eroded away as a result of an overly aggressive retail distribution strategy, with a large number of concessions in department stores across the world.

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