Your creative email Marketing campaign

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Hello everyone! 

Over the past decade, Promo Magazine has established connections with a high volume of influencers, retail owners and brand owners within the fashion industry. We thought of how we could use them to help out all of our creatives and brand owners we have worked with over the past years to gain more of an exposure. Introducing our email marketing service, it allows you to tap into our email list to reach out to potential buys, investors and collaborators. 

Here is what we will do for you:

  • We will collect all information from you in regards to your campaign
  • Work with you to create the perfect description 
  • Provide you with possible designs for the newsletter 
  • Provide you with your very own page embedded on our website

This is a great opportunity for you if you are working on something extravagant that you want everyone to know about. We are all about providing the best way to help promote and extend the exposure for you and your brand.

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