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Letter From The Founder & CEO

Michael Suber-Promo Magazine

Michael Suber

Founder & CEO of Promo Magazine

Dear Promo readers,

For almost a decade, Promo Magazine has been a trusted source of independent, authoritative analysis on the global fashion industry, arming fashion professionals all over the world with a powerful competitive advantage in today’s turbulent times.

Now, it’s time for Promo to take the next step in our journey as a business. The expansion of Promo just got a little bigger. We invite industry professionals and other loyal readers to subscribe to our content for free on our website. This will allow you to keep up to date with our latest interviews and new stories on emerging and well known fashion brands. 

Starting August 10th, 2017 Promo Magazine & Couture Modeling in New York City will be merged to begin a new era. We want to be able to connect with everyone in the fashion industry to explore new ways to push them on to the next step to building a successful brand. Our next updates that will be launching before the end of the year includes. PROMO 500, which is a profile list of everyone who is shaping the industry today. We also have VOICES, which is a networking event that happens every five months connecting influencers and sharing ideas and concerns revolving around the fashion industry. 

We are offering our readers the opportunity to stay on top of everything that’s happening in today’s fast-paced global fashion industry. 

Kind regards,

Michael Suber