Lookbook Design

Design your perfect lookbook for the new season


The Creation

As the new partnership with Couture Modeling Agency in New York City, we have created a new platform just for designers who are in need of a lookbook design service. 

What we offer:

  • Models to showcase your designs
  • Studio space to photograph your products
  • A complete lookBook design that varies in price range depending on the package that you choose. 
  • Marketing team to help promote your lookBook
  • 20 print and digital copies of your lookbook will be available to you.
  • A press release will be made tailored to your lookBook

This option is for clients who are located in New York, US



Hello everyone! 

We also have a service for international clients!

Welcome to our expansion! With over a decade of working with so many artists around the globe and expanding in two different areas within the fashion industry, we have decided to create something for you all. 

For those who are struggling with time and patience in creating your lookbook for the upcoming season collections or for an updated portfolio, we now offer that here at Promo. So all you have to do now is submit your images to us with proper instructions and we will then handle the rest. 

Here is what we include in this plan.

-Full custom design & layout
-3 Professional designers to take care of the look of your lookbook
-A video call to go over all design aspects
-You have the option to have it in either soft cover or hard cover
-20 Printed copies will be sent to you after completion
-A digital copy will also be sent to you as well

We love our contributors and supporters so much that we are always looking to help them out just a little bit more everyday. xo

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