Cover Story-Sabina Saga | Designer

Sabina Saga is an artist and designer from New York City. Graduated London College of

Fashion (London, UK) with MA in Textile Design and Fashion Institute of Technology

(New York, New York) with BA fashion design concentration; also studied in Milan, Italy

through FIT at Politecnico di Milano. During her studies, she had an opportunity to work

with the world’s most influential designers: Ocsar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera, and

Vera Wang.

Sabina Saga is specializing in 3D printing, textile, and material with various surfaces.

Sabina’s work has been exhibited at venues including New York, Germany, China,

London, Milan, and Paris.

Fashion has become a form of tremendous medium of communication, which speaks a lot

in silence. Clothes carry with themselves a strong message or a symbol. My work is a

contemporary response to traditional culture, where cultural identity is revealed through

symmetry of human forms, symbols and traditions.

The aim in the work is to bring a fresh look at how materials and technologies can

intertwine and modify fashion at the most profound levels. With the goal of exploring the

potential of 3D printing to change the design industry and make 3D printed accessories,

jewelry and textile approachable reality.