MAAK-Charne Esterhuizen

MAAK officially started this year in Australia’s capital, Canberra, and in that short time has worked with international artists such as Vera blue, Hands Like Houses, Boo Seeka and Hayley from The Jezebels.

MAAK prides on individuality and that is what inspires the collections behind the brand.

This particular collection, Dark Stones, centres on individuality and attitude.
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ – Dark Stones is a collection designed by MAAK to give the wearer the confidence to face their fears and be themselves. Its dark tones and sassy edge inspires the wearer to be independent and vivacious. Its textures represent the overcoming of life obstacles one may experience.

MAAK is also a sustainable label, creating everything individually within Australia and focuses on sustainable production methods.

The face and sole trader of MAAK is fashion designer and owner Charne Esterhuizen. Originally from South Africa, Charne migrated to Australia when she was 16 where she discovered her passion for design and the arts. Since then she has established herself in the industry as a bright and successful designer with an ever-growing upmarket portfolio.

MAAK designs for 18 + market and all genders. 

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