Interview-Designer Nat Stakhniv


1-What & Who is NAT Atelier?

We can characterize NAT Atelier as a community where we create new things through observing the world that surrounds us.  NAT Atelier is a clothing brand led by a team of professionals and creative designer Nat Stahniv. Our team is ready to changes and challenges of life. We don’t go down stream, we seek for new options, and we crave for something really incredible. Our brand and our team are inspired by conceptualism, graphic art and philosophy.  The brand was registered in London in 2015.

2-Is your perspective on fashion ever affected by your age?

Definitely! We are changing as well as everything around. Our vision evolves with experience, but at the same time main goals remain unchangeable. Among them we can name our intention to give our clients confidence, comfort and beauty through our products.

3-In a brief description, how do you approach the business side of fashion?

We take it favorably. After all, besides creative aspects we deal with real industry, where financial question and income play important role. I am for honest business and fair competition. Competition is the basic factor which drives business.

4-How would you describe yourself as a person?

I am emotional and irrepressible person, I am spontaneous in perception of life, cheerfully absorbing everything it gives.  But nevertheless I often have periods when I need to be alone. So I am kind of an odd character.

5-How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Creative process always fascinated me, since childhood. I was interested in philosophy and art, my interest to design of clothing appeared later.  The idea to unite Creative, Philosophical and Technical – is an amazing combination of fields!

6-Do you have a favorite designer who inspires you? Why is that?

I can name Сomme des Garcons, Iris van Herpen, Raf Simons and Gaultier. As for me these brands embody creativity in combination with high-class technical realization and professional business strategy.

7-Tell me about your latest collection. What was your vision when you created it?

In my last collection I combined elements of monumental architecture and art with comfort forms. There were also details reminding baroque columns, door arches and electrical outlets in practical sport outfits. This clothing is dedicated to a person who lives the moment, but appreciates past and respects its conclusions. We’ll show the collection on the third of February during Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

8-To be a designer, you had to undergo a lot of struggles. What was the most difficult obstacle for

you when putting together your collection?

The most difficult point is to reach balance between creativity and ability to make it technically well done. But the hardest thing is just to make first steps.

9-Did you ever think you would become so successful in this fashion era? Why?

Yes, though it is not my main purpose. I consider success as additional result of professionalism and high quality work.

10-Now, was preparing for the show been hectic for you? In What way?

I am conscious for my show to be as good as we plan. It all depends on team coherence and ability to hear and understand each other.

11-Who excites you the most (Celebrity) & why?

There are a lot of people who inspire me. I appreciate ambitious intellectuals, who enjoy life, but I am not inclined to personality cult.

12-If you had a theme song, what would it be?

It would be a DJ set accompanied by symphonic orchestra.

13-How is your brand different from any other designer brands?

We don’t set frames, we not just manufacture clothing, we extend our values, we aim to change our world.

14-What are your world-dominating goals for NAT Atelier?

Honesty, harmony, professionalism and deeds.


About brand:

NAT Atelier is a fashion brand inspired by graphic, conceptualism and philosophy. The brand was established in London in 2015. Concise form and cut, versatility and minimalism – these features form the philosophy the brand promotes. Its founder and creative director Nat Stakhniv designs comfortable and smart clothes. Thus brand’s clothing complements the personality without prevailing over it.