Camille and Noémie Sergent, twin sisters born in 1991, graduates of a Parisian fashion school, began to create their own brand SERGENTS in 2014.

Through their training and numerous internships in couture houses, ready-to-wear firms, press offices and participation in shows as either models or dressers, they have enriched their imaginations and savoir-faire in a sector very close to their hearts: Fashion.

SERGENTS’ universe is based above all on the duality of its founders; the natural complementarity, sometimes equivocal and complex. Inspiration, either shared or personal, has allowed them to develop an original creative style with the potential to generate broad public appeal.

SERGENTS aspires to reflect an image of high-end ready-to-wear brand. The entire collection remains esthetically accessible to all. The sharp-lined brand proposes structured and modern designs.

Naturally contemporary, the designers are driven to achieve the desire coming from their inherent and original inspiration: clothing the demanding and independent Parisian woman who loves to unite luxury, chic and the classic that’s never out of date.

The strength of this resolutely humane pair resides in the subtle mix of enhanced femininity along with a true and dynamic movement of lines. 

From their fresh and spontaneous minds come works of curious design, like a range of jackets with an architectural edge. Mixing consensual ready-to-wear and sharper avant-gardist cuts, our two designers come up with unexpected and modern classics, often absent from the traditional wardrobe.

What’s more, they attach primordial importance to quality finishing choice, and blend of materials resulting in styled and harmonious clothing. 

Sensual and nonchalant, elegant and striking, their heroine is an independent woman, indomitable and self-confident.

“Celebrating the human form, accentuating waists, heightening femininity, delicate and bright harmonious colours, dynamic styles and the image of the sophisticated, outgoing woman.” Such is the vision guiding the hand and compass of our designers.

SERGENTS is a high-class ready-to-wear brand with a vocation to propose a new elan to the way our customers portray themselves more positively.