Ellen Eiselin- Expresses her love for the industry & collaborating with new creatives

Photographer:  Sarah Kastner

Photographer:  Sarah Kastner

Separate between the person you are before the makeup is done and the person afterwards and to pretend you are playing a role.
— Ellen Eiselin

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ellen Eiselin, an international model who has established a name for herself in the model and fashion industry. Making her appearance in several magazines including ours made her realize the love she had for the industry & the people in it. 

-What is the best part of the job as a model? Have you met any creatives who are now called your best friends?

For me the best part of modeling is that you travel a lot and that this job never gets boring. Every day is different and you meet so many interesting people from all over the world. Yes, I have made many friends in the business, also a few I would call best friends. If you can work together with friends it’s the best thing that can happen. When I went abroad for the first time I could travel together with my best friend because we had the same agency that was amazing. And if clients book you regularly it sometimes feels like being a little family. 

-Did you play any sports? If so did sports helped to prepare you for the rigors of modeling?

No, I didn’t play any sports that helped to prepare me for the rigors of modeling. I think mainly a strong, stable personality and having the right expectations about the real life as a model helps you to be prepared for this job. However, doing sports is really important, not only to stay fit but also to compensate stress. I go to the gym and recently started with ballet. 

-How did you get your start?

I always knew I wanted to be a model. My father is an Art Director and he is passionate about photography. I loved to stand in front of his camera already at the age of 4. My mom said it didn’t surprise her at all that modeling became my greatest passion. I was scouted twice when I was younger but my parents wanted me to finish school first. So I only had a few test shoots and the moment I had finished school I searched for an agency. 

-When the shoot is done, do you look at the images and find it hard to recognize yourself in all those glamorous photos?

I have seen already so many photos of myself that I am used to different looks, different makeup and my different facets and expressions. I think for strangers it’s more difficult to recognize me in every picture. And of course when I started modeling I remember that even my family sometimes didn’t recognize me.  

-What do you do to calm your nerves beforehand? Before the shoot starts.

In case I am nervous before a shoot I always try to calm down during the hair and makeup is done. Once someone told me to separate between the person you are before the makeup is done and the person afterwards and to pretend you are playing a role, this really helped me a lot. 

-Do you have a favorite designer & photographer who inspires you? Why is that?

I don’t have one special favorite designer or photographer. I am inspired by many people in this business, no matter if they are a designer, makeup artist, photographer or model. 

-If you could vacation anywhere in the world with a friend or a relative, where would you go and what would you do there?

I really felt in love with New York, so probably it would be New York or I would choose a desert island and just relax at the beach. For me it’s always a perfect day if I can spend it at the ocean, listening to the waves and put my feet in the warm sand, I don’t need more to calm down and just be happy. 

-Who are your most favorite musical idols?

I listen mostly to electronic music but I admire many musicians. Music is wonderful, I couldn’t imagine life without it.

-What has been the most encouraging thing you’ve heard about your personality?

People often tell me that they are impressed how ambitious and passionate I am fighting for my dreams. 

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