Photographer: Fernando Penhos Zaga
Models: Corina Lutski | Anna Myshkina
Mua & Hair: daniela De La Vega
Styling: Abi Mishkin & Nicole Atkinson
Photo Assistant: Kalyo Kerke
Production: Boobot
Location: Mexico City



 I was born and raised in mexico city to a magic family, dysfunctional of course but amazing.
Then I moved to Israel and graduated from Bezalel academy of arts with a fine arts master, after that, my ambition brought me back to my headquarters in Mexico city where I recently develop a new form of fashion photography and plan my next destination to continue with my journey into becoming an art collector and a proper human being.

My style’s a combination of an extreme sense of wonder and a love-hate relationship with both commercial and conceptual art; My source of inspiration are the millions and millions of image maker all over the history of planet earth, from renaissance painters to contemporary photographer Arnaud Pyvka to the average smartphone image taker. 

In this story “American Beauty AKA Uruapan Mexican Loki” I wanted to somehow mix the frenzy (but very beneficial) going on in Mexico because of Trump’s stupidity and the influence of united states over Mexican’s minds through history. Everything I do is a consequence of a coincidence.