Interview-Fashion Photographer Laura Daria Pezzini

-Do you agree that you are challenged everyday to create something that has never been created before?

I think that in fashion photography it’s really difficult to create something completely new  so I justtry to stage what’s on my mind in my own way knowing probably someone else already did something similar.

-Can you describe your creative process? What do you look for when creating a shoot and do your shoot line up to be what you expected?

When I have a new idea for a shoot I speak about it with my team and everyone does it’s job but I like to have everything under my control.  I usually have a distinct image in mind and I try to stay true to the initial idea untill the end.

-You have to have a favorite artist in mind that drives your creativity or inspires you, who is it?

I have had several artist that inspired me through times. I’ve loved Gustav Klimt when I was in high school, lately I fell in love with avant-guarde artists .

-How would you describe yourself as a person & artist?

I’m a shy one, I talk about myself better through images than words.

-How did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

I realized I wanted to be a photographer because I really enjoyed taking pictures and tell stories with the help of a camera.

-Do you have a favorite photographers who inspire you? Why is that?

I follow and love tons of photographers. A few which works really touches and inspires me are Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Tim Walker,  Miles Aldridge Chen Man, Solve Sundsbo …

-In the artistic world of photographers, do you see yourself not only trying to achieve your perfect shoot but also being known for your work?

Well, I’d love to be known for my work, but I don’t pretend to be famous.

-If you could shoot an editorial anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why is that?

Probably Iceland, or Rapa Nui. I’d love toshoot “at the end of the world” in the middle of astonishing lanscapes.

-What was the main reason that you decided to become a photographer?

I wanted to do a job I really loved.

-Tell me about your latest shoot. What was your vision when you created it?

I wanted toconnect fashion with the art of shibari in a clean and aseptic way .

-To be a photographer, you had to undergo a lot of struggles. What was the most difficult obstacle for you when putting together a shoot?

Finding a good stylist and coordinate every team member.

-Does your personal life ever effect how you compose your shoots or do you have a set schedule/formula that you follow? What is it exactly?

it’s not easy to organize personal projects and editorials and I often have to split myself between them and photographic/retouching jobs.

-Who excites you the most (Celebrity) & why?

Lately I have a girl crush on Gigi Hadid, I think she’s an amazing model and I also love her clothes collection for Tommy Hilfiger.

-If you had to pass on a suggestion for someone starting out in photography, what would you tell them?

To be passionate and true to theirselves.

-How is your style of photography different from others different from any other photographers?

My pictures are quite punchy/colorful compared to the pictures we are more used to.

-What are your world-dominating goal.

I’m a thoughtful person and I try to reach my goals step by step. In the future I hope my editorials will be published in big magazines such as Numerò, ID or even italian Vogue ( which  is considerd almost unattainable by italian photographers), but if it will just remain a dream I’ll be happy anyway if I can make a living by it.