Kylie Minogue’s Top 5 Instagram feeds

By: Jessica Michault

The pint sized Australian pop star is finally, if her many Instagram photos of microphones are to be believed, back in the studio recording a new album (#lovers). The subject of which many speculate will focus around her recent breakup with her fiancé, the british actor Joshua Sasse. But if the rumors are true that she is now stepping out with Prince Andrew, her fans might end up with another upbeat and happy pop album to add to their Kylie collection after all. 

The effervescent singer took a break in her busy schedule to reveal what Instagram feeds are her favorites to follow, when she isn’t posting  updates herself.



This is the Instagram feed of Richard Christiansen, the founder of the creative and media agency Chandelier. Minogue teamed up with this cutting edge firm to craft her highly successful “Kiss Me Once” tour and it is easy to understand why Christiansen’s work caught the singer’s attention. Even though it bears the name of his company the feed itself feels much more personal then corporate. A quick troll through Christiansen’s Instagram posts and it becomes clear that his visual esthetic is exceptional. The feed reads more like a sophisticated mood board then a platform for company promotion.

                                                                                                                      Kiss Me Once Tour 2014 Official Poster



Kylie Minogue has received her fair share of flowers during her life so the fact that she places Jeff Leatham, the floral artistic director of the Four Seasons hotel in Paris in her top five list says something about the quality of his work. Suzy Menkes said that Leatham makes “extraordinary statements with flowers” and no truer words have been spoken. One of his signature presentation moves is upside-down blooms or bouquets designed to look as if they were just on the tipping point of tumbling out of their vases. His feed is a feast for the eyes and will surely inspired some more original takes on flower arrangements.

Minogue, just like most of us, has a soft spot in her heart for cute photos and videos of animals. The feed on Instagram is a currated entity that pulls together the most adorable images of animals being posted to the social media site. Basically it brings together the crème de la crème of lovable animals in one super sweet feed. Instagram followers be warned, if you decided follow this feed count on having once a day, at the very least, an “awh” inducing moment.



As you would expect, Kylie Minogue likes to follower her equally talented younger sister Dannii on Instagram.  A singer and songwriter in her own right the younger Minogue now spends most of her time working on a number of different creative projects in her native Australia. There she works as an actress, a television and radio personality and a judge on X-Factor. She has even tried her hand at fashion designing. Just like her older sister her music can be quite addictive. One listen to her song “I Begin to Wonder” and the melody will remain on a loop in the back of your mind.




The Italian designer Stefano Gabbana, who makes up one half of the Dolce & Gabbana duo, lives a pretty charmed existence. One look at his Instagram feed and its hard not to have just a twinge of envy for the lifehe leads. Minogue has been a good friend of Gabbana for years and more then a few photos of her pop up on the designer’s feed regularly. What is so appealing about Gabbana’s feed is that it feels like a personal photo album. Nothing looks filtered by a brand marketing team or approved by a company lawyer for publication. Its just Stefano being Stefano: Hanging out with famous friends, eating amazing food, and traveling to exotic locations.

                                                                                                                         Kylie Minogue & Stefano Gabbana

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