A Quick Q&A With Garry Galbraith

Q. Do you agree that you are challenged everyday to create something that has never been created before?

A. Challenges are inevitable, and yes I do agree. I welcome the challenges that cause me to push my creativity further than what I think I'm capable of doing - unto new levels. 

Q. Can you describe your creative process? What do you look for when creating a shoot and do your shoot line up to be what you expected?

A. My creative process is eccentric, as I am, somewhat of an unconventional person. Often times my productions become more than the expected - I let God lead, keep my eyes open to everyone and everything around me, taking note of all the natural characteristics of my environment, and just flow - by following the art. 

Q. You have to have a favorite artist in mind that drives your creativity or inspires you, who is it?

A. I have quite a few favorite artists who inspire me, my wife Dominique she's a magnificent designer, my close friends Jo'V King an extraordinary colorist and illustrator, Fred Tessier he has a keen eye and great strengths of business direction and a few admirable acquaintances on Instagram. 

Q. How would you describe yourself as a person & artist?

A. As an artist I'm passionate, optimistic, exciting and nonchalant! I love to create and photography is one of my many creative abilities.  I love an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity, which allows for individuals, models, stylists & designers to be themselves, discover or become more than they imagined in front of my camera - all while having a good time. Capturing an awesome image is like scoring a touch down for me. 

Q. How did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

A. Most who know me well are excited for my artistry, I have many different creative abilities and I can't quite specifically remember when I wanted become a photographer.  

Q. Do you have a favorite photographers who inspire you? Why is that?

A. Some of my favorite photographers who inspire me are Stan Shaffer, Francesco Scavullo, and Patrick Demarchelier. 

Q. Can you describe one of your favorite projects that you have worked on and why was it your favorite?

A. One of my favorite projects that I've worked on was of a luxury lifestyle campaign shot on a Private Plane. It's my favorite because it was extremely challenging and literally a dream come true to do so!

Q. We have taken a look at your website/portfolio Online, how do you want the viewer to feel when looking at your work?

A. I want viewers to feel positively impacted by my work, as I've been inspired to create and created to love. Overall I want you to be amazed, and inspired to love...

Q. Do you ever collaborate with designer brands?

A. I have collaborated with a few designer brands and would love to continue collaborating with more - popular and upcoming brands. Please, let's work!

Q. In the artistic world of photographers, do you see yourself not only trying to achieve your perfect shoot but also being known for your work?

A. I don't talk much about myself but I would like to see within my existence a great appreciation for my work now and beyond. I want a spot on a times square Jumbotron an LA billboard, featured in a Gallery in Paris or Africa. 

Q. If you could shoot an editorial anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why is that?

A. I'd love to do a shoot in Dubai in the dunes or someplace exotic like Antartica on a glacier creating some kind of magnificent art experience that when you look at it you're like oh my gosh I wanna gonna go there or I want that to be my picture!

Q. What was the main reason that you decided to become a photographer?

A. One of the main reasons why I am a photographer is my love of encapsulating art and great moments.  I love great moments and some of the greatest moments are never planned, wether you have a shot list of scenes to capture some of the best ones are those you least expect, they're natural, and I always like to re-create that experience in my photos. 

Q. Tell me about your latest shoot. What was your vision when you created it?

A. The vision for my latest shoot was basically to create moments of an elegant night with close friends. 

Q. To be a photographer, you had to undergo a lot of struggles. What was the most difficult obstacle for you when putting together a shoot?

A. One of the most difficult obstacles at times is relaying my vision to my team using the right words in order for them to understand the concept for the shoot. Like, I'll have so many ideas in mind and sometimes cannot find the right words to describe them, I just-get-really-excited!

Q. Does your personal life ever effect how you compose your shoots or do you have a set schedule/formula that you follow? What is it exactly?

A. I try to have a set schedule and formula that I follow, sometimes it doesn't work out but always do my best to pick back up or get on track quickly, you know life happens I'm a new father, married to also an extremely creative wife and most times they have to come first. 

Q. Who excites you the most (Celebrity) & why?

A. You may think I'm joking but God excites me most and if I had to pick a celebrity (there are so many) who excites me, I'd have to say Diddy, I admire his drive I think he's a dope person and hope to work with him soon. 

Q. If you had to pass on a suggestion for someone starting out in photography, what would you tell them?

A. My suggestion for someone starting out in photography, keep your eyes open and don't just rely on the quality of the camera to capture the photos the way YOU are able to see Art in the world. Master the basic fundamentals, but don't let "rules" limit you - think beyond the lens, have fun while creating.

Q. How is your style of photography different from others different from any other photographers?

A. My style of photography stands out as a (visual) lifestyle & experience, if that makes sense. Honestly it's hard for me to say and I think I'd much rather the voices of those who've worked with me to complete the statement... I think, my style is always evolving I don't really think I have one particular style. 

Q. What are your world-dominating goal?

A. My world dominating goals are to become a media mogul who creates an impact that inspires others to love. The world needs more of Gods love and we've got to deliver it.