6ix | Featured Editorial

My name is Nick Glover and I am a Dallas based photographer specializing in fashion and portraiture. I started out as a portrait photographer mostly working for friends and family until one day I realized I wasn’t getting creatively fulfilled with my pool of paid clients. They were awesome, but it just wasn’t satisfying on an artistic level. I tried fashion photographer a few summers ago and just fell in love. Ever since, I’ve been working to hone in and discover my personal style, which I’ve found, is bright, clean, and focused on connection.


This shoot, 6ix, was inspired when back in the fall, I realized I loved pastels. I wanted to do a shoot centered around minimalism and shooting similarly colored clothing against plain urban backgrounds. I combined this concept with a mix of soft and hard/more geometric lighting. The model, Maya, was also a face I was drawn to. She had such a unique skin tone and facial structure I just knew I had to work with her. Maya, combined with six pastel looks in downtown Dallas, made for a perfect combination.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nick Glover | @nikkuman | www.nickgloverphotography.com

STYLIST: Evin Deshawn | @evdeshawnstyles

HMUA: Kyle Donavin | @makeup_kyle

MODEL: Maya Muralidhar of Wallflower Management | @maya_muralidhar