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My name is Aliona Kuznetsova and I am a photographer. I believe that my art is a mashup of everything I saw, felt, thought and experienced. More than this: through all my life – four countries I lived in, dozens of cities I travelled to, a mood disorder I am battling, meeting and losing my closest friends – my art has been a silver lining that helped me day by day to refine the understanding of who I really am.


We worked on the Stalker series in Philadelphia, but the theme is inspired by my experience as a teenager in Kiev, Ukraine. In the gloom of 90th, we, teenages, were all about imageining our own, secret and beautiful world. We used to meet up in abandoned theater or old cemetery, read Tolkien, drink wine and feel as all the reality can be reimagined. Stalker pictures… this is how we looked in our minds :)


Photoshoot credits:

Photographer- Aliona Kuznetsova (,


Models - Layna Karlek (

                Michelle Kalinkina (@teaandchaos)

MUAH - Desiree Flowers

Designer -  Jenny Lee Maas (,