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With a vast readership, brands are guaranteed visibility across all platforms should they advertise with Promo. Advertising with us will guarantee brands at least one blog post about their brand or mentioning their product. This can be in the form of an interview, an article, or an editorial. We are always happy to discuss your ideas. We offer various advertising packages. Whether you want to showcase your brand in Promo to guarantee exposure and shareability, have us feature your brand on our blog, or have us create an original, bespoke advertorial we’ve got flexible options which can meet everyone’s needs. 



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Print advertising rates

  • Full Page Campaign- 900.00 USD

  • Half Page Campaign- 300.00USD

  • Inside Front Cover- 600.00 USD

  • Back Cover- 200.00 USD

  • Double Spread Campaign- 1,800.00 USD


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