Post Modern (Cover Edition) V1

Post Modern (Cover Edition) V1



  1. Fiesta de Colores

  2. Kate

  3. Dusk Wind

  4. Seaside Rendezvous

  5. Jungle Fever

  6. Serendipity


  1. Interview with Eluvier Acosta

  2. 7 New Year’s 

  3. Resolutions Every Fashion PR Should Have

  4. Tech on the Runway: Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode

  5. “I Worked for an Influencer – Here Is What You Should Know”

  6. From Millennials to Gen Z: How Luxury Brands Can Adapt their Strategies

  7. 6 British Christmas Campaigns that Nailed it in 2018

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